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Solar Power Generation
Prolink Engineers | Solar Power Generation

Solar Power Plant EPC Venture

Prolink intends to develop rooftop solar plants for captive consumption by institutions.
We will typically follow an opex model in which we own and develop these plants, sign a PPA with the institution in return for a fixed/variable tariff charges over a period of 15-20 years.

Why roof top solar?
  • India is one of the best zones in the world
  • With abundant roof top space, growing energy needs and increasing power costs, roof top solar is a viable alternative.
  • No land acquisition, regulatory support and shorter project construction cycles make the segment attractive for us.
  • Our value proposition
  • Solar is capex intensive hindering immediate adoption
  • Customers stand to gain in terms of reducing power costs, hedge on power tariffs & sustainable source of power.
  • These projects have an IRR of >20% making them economically attractive.
Business Plan
  • We will be targeting customers with the highest credit rating.
  • Segments we are keen on: Refineries, Power Plants, education, retails, IT/Tech campuses, other MNCs
  • Our strategy is to develop a portfolio of projects, leverage and flip it over to other investors to infuse growth capital for future projects.
  • We intend to raise INR 3 Crores from IAN to fund our operations for the first 6 months
The Resource

Solar irradiation in India is an alternative source of power, is one of the best in the world.
Roof-top solar is the optimal approach to tap its radiation.
Roof-top solar enables production at point of consumption eliminating grid losses.
Average Yearly sum(KWH/m2) generations varies from 1900 to over 2300 KWH/m2.
Optimum tilt for solar panels in India varies from 10-35 degrees south. With viability across the country, roof top solar provides across to a wide market.

Why Solar

Typical Industrial Customer pays:
  • Rs 7KWH for grid power
  • Rs 15KWH for diesel Genset Power
  • Grid Availibilty is 80%
  • Weighted average tariff for customer is Rs 8.6KWH
  • Grid tariffs are likely to escalate at 7-10% p.a
  • Diesel prices theough under control are likely to go up by 5-7% p.a
Solar - The Way Forward

Our value proposition to investors
  1. Prolink will be a rooftop solar plants developer pursuing projects of IRR > 20%
  2. We will begin with funding projects completely through equity.
  3. The projects will then be clustered together to obtain debt. We will ensure bankability of projects.
  4. Debt funded assets will then be divested to asset aggregators and long terms return seeking investors.
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